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Evolution is for everybody!

I sat in a meeting at church a couple weeks ago and heard something rather shocking. A question was raised and the answer given from a pastor of the church basically meant that we have evolved as a church. The question concerned polygamy  during the Old Testament (I don't quite recall the question) and the… Continue reading Evolution is for everybody!

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The plight of the human race

I am currently reading a novel titled Dosha: Flight of the Russian Gypsies. The author, Sonia Meyer, has written this novel based on her experience growing up in Germany during the Nazi regime and her relationships and encounters with Gypsies and her acceptance into a Gypsy camp. I happen to know someone who knows the… Continue reading The plight of the human race

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Light in darkness.

My eyes are closed. I see the darkness all around. The hate and anger is thick in the air, taking my breath away. I begin to cry. My soul cries out to those who don’t understand that they have a choice: The choice to hate or to love; To forgive and move forward. But the… Continue reading Light in darkness.

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The pain is real… intentions aside.

The world is filled with so much diversity. Some people are very considerate of others while others are only considerate of themselves. I feel like people with consideration and empathy are a dying breed. When the world lack empathy, we lack the human capacity to understand emotion. We become consumed in our own feelings; our… Continue reading The pain is real… intentions aside.